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Microsoft Office 2016 is a quick and a major upgrade which was launched after the launch of 2013 version of MS Office. Office 2016 is launched with a sharp focus on various administrative features.

Overview of MS Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is a major upgrade but in the supposed way. Similar to the Windows 10 which ties notebooks, desktops, phones and tablets all together, and succeeds in adding a layer of intelligence too, MS Office 2016 wants to connect all the co-workers using some in-built technologies to help them along.


Microsoft launched its latest revised software MS Office 2016 with some add-on features. Few of them which were found in MS Office 2016 are:

Working together just got easier: It’s easier to share documents and work with others or the co-workers at the same time. Co-authoring makes it easier to see the edits by others in various apps of Office’16.

Tell Me is a reliable guide: You just need to tell Word, Excel or PowerPoint about what you want to do and TELL ME will guide you for the command.

Portable Office moves with you: Now, you can stay connected to every important aspect of your personal and professional lives across all your devices. You can use touch for the tasks such as reading, zooming, editing and navigation.

Pros and Cons

This latest 2016 version has its benefits and disadvantages, so it’s necessary to discuss the prevailing benefits which the MS office2016 offers and the disadvantages which come along it.


  • Two new apps namely Sway and Delve are added by Microsoft
  • Foundation of new collaborative focus is formed by Outlook Groups
  • Excel is now integrated with Business Intelligence inside



  • Real-time editing is still missing in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Paying for office is becoming a tough choice because of the constant availability of free office apps
  • Office Collaborative vision is best for the businesses, not for the consumers

MS Office 2016 Download

To download the MS Office 2016 click below. It is the free single-click direct download.





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